Talking about school equipment especially classroom. Here I write an article namely Things In The Classroom. I hope new teacher or other people who interested in getting new information about class especially things that pupils need will happy because get new information.

1. Locker

2. Box file

3. File folder

4. Flash Card

5. Realia

6. Hands Dolls

7. Calendar

8. Computer Multi Media

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Realia for Kids

Based on the Realia is an objects or activities used to relate classroom teaching to the real life especially of peoples studied.

Why we need realia?

Here the reasons I’ve got from any kinds sources.

  1. To make pupils’ learning experience 
  2. To easier for pupil who learns about object but not pure in the filed. Such as if they, pupils, go to the train station. They just learn from the train realia. And some day they can go there after learning has done.

Any kinds of sources:

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