Love your children, please.

I do not know why I must share the story to all readers but if I cannot share which, I think its has benefit for all especially teachers, why not?

I have a pupil from all pupils in the school but he is so different. After Analyzing more than one month, I see that he has problem too much. At the first time I see him, there are many home works that I must studied about him. Finally I focused to see from all his activities in the school such as how he communicate with classmates, obey the school rules, do homework and more.

Academically, he has nice point such as in English class, Sundanese class, and other subjects. But when I see in the other view, he often ashamed, hate, angry, and unusual emotion come him in most all days in the class. Then I try to make a close communication as if I as his buddy and talk about hobby and more. Lit bit I have succeed although not 100% my target come but minimum I have know about this problem.

Here story or lesson I have from him.

  1. He often lives with his grandma.
  2. He seldom communicate with his mother.
  3. He is divorce victim but fact he believe that his Dad has passed away.
  4. He scare to his mother when the school gives bad news to his mother and violence will he accepted.
  5. He does not want be a friend to someone he hates and always gives me reason too much and I understand.
  6. He likes if all ideas or he wants listened by all classmates and minimum in a little group.


  1. Everyone especially kids, is a unique and we must have different strategy to face them well.
  2. We will success delivered all materials and things we want to share as long as understand about object wish, background, habit, and more. Its will help teacher when the problem comes.
  3. Be enjoy! Every day is a lesson for all whether teacher, pupil, parent and all. So we always to see everything well.
  4. And more important love children as well as you can and I try as well as I can.


I hope this story has benefit for all especially teachers who has problem when facing the children. @Fahmi Awaludin


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He is an English teacher, writer, communicator, cool man and do anything that he likes to do such as traveling, which is add new experience.
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