Udhi Marsudi

Marsudi with pupils in front of Masjid Al-Ikhlas.

This man is really different and strong style about culture of art rather others. He is Udhi Marsudi, an artist who was born in Bogor. Painting is a part of life, likely, to describe him.

When a day I met him in beautiful house. He seems enthusiastic accepted me to talk about art. For him, art really touch the feeling of heart. In a green house, Udi said not all people understand about and don’t care an art, perhaps, information and knowledge about those really limited. Later, he told me that he focuses to dedicated teaching pupils in Bina Insani Primary School Bogor West Java, although painting is one of profession in his mind. To create a personality smoothly for pupils is one of the benefit when they study about seni budaya dan kesenian (art and culture and the arts) where it is subject that I have been teaching to my pupils in the school, said a man who was born on October, 6, 1965 calmly.

Not until there, he added, as he told before, to smooth feeling, appreciate the work of others or yourself as a culture for humanity important, too. Why, it is a needed fro human who has feeling. Such as how pupils know how to tidy a cloth, discipline, arrange the sound, polite to others, and much more. Fact, art is not a subject that they got but we can find easily in our daily activities, he said with a peppy. Life and died with the beautiful is Udi’s motto. So, what for if we life in the world without beautiful and after died, too. Later, he said that he had a vision in his life that level of living in harmony so that created a beautiful life. More, as an artist, I feel that I cannot do the activities only in my school but in the society because I am an artist, says a husband of Rita Herawati words with sweet smile.

For him, growing two children is a real life. They are Baginda Pramudhita Firdaus and Muhammad Hajrian Taqwa. So, everyday he teaches art subject is one of the ways to get feeling in art, beside painting in my another time. Don’t look or judge him if you don’t know before, I think, to describe a man who has expressive art style in painting. (Fahmi Awaludin)


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