Muhammad Sudrajat, S.Ag

  “Assaalaamu’alaikum, Ustadz, How are you?” I said him. It was a first time when I met him. He looks so interested in accepting me when I would to talk with him. Later talking about his days go on. He was born on April 27, 1970 in Bogor. Ustadz is a popular nickname for him in the school. He has a full name Muhammad Sudrajat, S.Ag. He has a nice wife namely Zakiyyah Thohir. They have three children. They are Muhammad Zakiyuddin, Ridwanullah Fauzi, and Siti Nurlaila Azkia. He is a vice principal for pupils’ activity. Besides, everyday he teaches Pendidikan Agama Islam (Islamic Religion) at grade five at Bina Insani Primary School Bogor, West Java.


When I asked him about what does the main materials that he would to give to the pupils for Islamic Religion. Automatically he said, exactly there are two things that they (pupils) must known. At first, How to actualize Islamic in daily life where suitable with our understanding about our religion. So, as a pupil we must do action and not as theoretical only to practice in their life. Second, he always reminded on and on each meetings to his pupils about principle 6S. No need long time and without permission before, I asked him. “What does 6S means?” I asked. First is smile. It means when the first time you meet someone everywhere you meet, just smile. Why? It a signal for us that as a human, we must smile and as Rasulullah message to always smile to everyone. Second is say salam (great). Yes, as a moslem we must say salam, Assalaamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu, each meet people everywhere, said a man who has a full name Muhammad Sudrajat, S.Ag.

Third, salim (shake-hand, but for the same sex or young to old). It seems easy but not all people cannot do it, perhaps, we have difference in our activities until have no time for do that. Fourth, sapa (ask about the condition), it is a way how to know people care or not to others. There are many ways to do that like asking by mobile-phone, giving short message service (SMS), home visit, promise in somewhere or any kind of ways that you can do it. Fifth, sopan (polite) is one way to know he is a man or woman has good matching a suitable clothes, tidy the clothes, shirt and something related to physical. And the last, is santun (more polite), means a man or woman has good characters or not. Excuse me, if you have more time please come to my house, is one of the example for someone asking about permission and much more, said father of three. Time has been running when nice talking with him about the activities go on in his school. I want to supply the family and the community both spiritual and physical is his life vision. At that time we must useful to ourslef, family and community as a whole, said a cool religion teacher.

Twenty minutes ago we have passed, it’s not enough to know more about things related to religion especially. Be consultant spiritual is not a profession for him but hobby in a free-time. I imaged what does hobby he means? Ten minutes later he told that he always helps anybody especially somethings related to those. Fact, Some people who know his house automatically come there to ask and need way in finishing their problems. In the last interview, he gives message that don’t look a life by side-sight but as a whole like looking a money, there are two sides that we must known.(Fahmi Awaludin)


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