Muhammad Aysar Fahd, S.Ag

Aysar at SDN CBM Cipanengah Sukabumi.

A cool, nice, humorous, easy-going, hard-work, creative and talented person, I think to describe this man. Mr. Fahd is a popular nick name for pupils and teachers in Bina Insani Primary School Bogor West Java and he became popular after having kinds of activities in that school. When I made an appointment with him about his activities, automatically he agree for taking interview.

One day, I came to his school where he works. I asked security, did you know where was primary school office. “Oh, yes. There is not too far from here.” security said. He still confused, “Might I know what kind of business did you want?” he added. “Oh, I will take some information and will making interview with Muhammad Aysar Fahd, S.Ag.” I told calmly. Later, after coming to the teachers’ room, automatically he was smiled me because we had an appointment before. “Thanks for your kindness, Sir.” said me to security. “You are welcome, Sir”. His replied. “How are today, Sir?” asked me. “As you seen now, I am fine. How about you, Sir?” he replied. “I am fine, thank you, Sir.” told me. Later, we went to his room where the room that he had, join with all teachers in a big teachers’ office.

The time has passed and talking about activities really made me interested. How come? Perhaps, for all people who didn’t know him before, he is an Islamic teacher and no special for him. Wrong! and he told me about his career. “Now, I am one of buzy human beings, I must do kinds of activities inside, My Principal duties me to be an Islamic teacher, Al-Qur’an teacher, and also be a Father Class for acceleration class, grade four for Bina Insani Primary School Bogor.” said a man who always uses an eye-glasses while humor style. “Be a teacher is not my dream. I decided to join as a teacher because I have passed my school and want to use my certificate to practice in field, exactly.” said a man who was born on August 18, 1977 with a nice smile. I got info that he was a Chief for school co-operation for Bina Insani School Bogor. When I asked him about the information, he said the leader of Bina Insani School and forum for co-operation was being chosen me because he could do the tasks well.

“Is there any kind of activities besides in the school now?” I asked. “That’s right, Sir.” said a loyal husband for Euis Kurniawati by cool. “I have making my fences for beautiful house, Home sweet Home I mean, pick my loyal wife up from the school and bring her to a place for teaching her pupil, sometimes. I like talking and playing with my beautiful daughter, namely Non Ceria, a popular nick name that I gave but exactly Ribhana Nahya Lillah (In Islam, means alangkah beruntungnya hidup kita jika hanya demi Allah semata, would lucky our lives if only for the sake of Allah alone).” said a graduated from Gontor in 1998. Education is important for all human in the world. And he did kinds of ways to taught his pupils in private primary school. Teaching Islamic and Al-Qur’an was being more interesting if we could communicate well and as the result the pupils love the subject that he gave very much.

“I like listening music, singing songs, playing keyboard, taking records by FL software, browsing, surfing, chatting and download info about soccer in internet, reading books especially books written by Asmaran S. Kho Ping Hoo, Cin Yung, Gan KL and much more until I use an eye-glasses until now. Oh, I like watching the movies from Asia especially comedian genre, crowded movies, and also Asian horror movies from Korea and Japan but from My Country, Indonesia is not really fact like two countries as I told before, Colosal Drama moreover long and long stories, I like it a lot. Such as JU-Mong makes me stay-up till midnight and sad ending, I like. But I don’t like really happy ending, makes me bore.” said a man who lives in KP. Situ Desa Pabuaran No. 47, Rt. 05/ 02 Kecamatan Kemang Bogor 16310 by big spirit answer my questions about things to do when free-time. In the end of interview with him, he said that a healthy world was being better rather than many ideas but do nothing. (Fahmi Awaludin)


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He is an English teacher, writer, communicator, cool man and do anything that he likes to do such as traveling, which is add new experience.
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