Ir. Fatchul Dzannah

Dzannah in the office.

A mother who is really different, I thougt at the first time met her in her office. She is one of the teachers in Bina Insani Primary School Bogor West Java. Exactly she teaches science subject for sixth grade.

When I asked her how did you do for your career at the first time. Later she told me when the first time this school was built, I joined around eighteen ago, said a woman who has a full name Ir. Fathul Dzannah with relaxed. Talking about background, she graduated from Bogor Agriculture Institute (IPB) Bogor for some years ago but based on the experienced in education, she has been teaching for eighteen years until now.


She told that science isn’t only theoretical course but it’s a friend for our life. For instance health and how to be health, talking about clean and hygienic are important to known. We can do our activities start morning until night if we have no good health and how to keep it from the virus, so we must know about those and science is one of ways to explained them, said a wife of Ir. Mohana calmly. Later, she adds for the benefit a science for us like what does bone means and what for we study about that. Knowing our structure of bone, kind of bones, problems of bone, and much more related to bone will be increased our knowledge and keep from the disease to hit our body. Bone gibbosity is one of disease related to bone’s maintenance. As she mentioned before, the next problems is making good position. Such as how to take in sitting on the bench, the way of standing, and also walking are factors in influencing of strengthen of bone, said a woman who born on Februari 8, 1964. The third factor of benefit science is knowing about planting. “I always invited my pupils in encouraging their insight of science step by step. For instance start planting seeds until harvest we must know.”, said her calmly.

While the negative consequences if we are negligent like erosion, flood as a result from our careless for the environment. So, start now we must care and keep our environment from them by keeping the rubbish to the litter-bin but not to river, she added. Meanwhile, when I asked her about reduce, reuse, and recycle, suddenly she talked that they were the programs have been running in the school. The aims are the pupils will be care about life and can look the result in the future.The other side, a family influenced my job because it means a community which is beautifully to do by pray to God, Allah SWT and meeting both of different two families, said a mother of Muhammad Faqih Mukhlisin by cool style. “A happiness is the basic of ikhlas (sincere) in realizing things to do and not based on material, wealth, position which has short time.” she said. Before closing of my meeting with her, she said her motto is life is just to get Ridho Allah SWT. (Fahmi Awaludin)


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