Eni Maeni, S.Pd.SD

Bahasa Sunda (Sundanese Language)is a part of life, I guess to describe him. Recently, I have an appointment with a woman who has a buzy activities in one of the school in Bogor. She is Eni Maeni, S.Pd.SD. She is Modern Kartini when kinds of activities she does. How come? When I met her in Bina Insani Primary School Bogor West to talk about Sundanese world, suddenly she accepted me to talk more. I know in this era globalisation, it’s not easy for me to introduced and love Sundanese language as an interesting language for now, said Maeni.

Talking about things related to Sundanese is really interesting. More she add that she has many reasons why pupils looks so bore when time Sundanese is going on. Learning Sundanese is more difficult rather than English or Indonesian. Fact, we can see there is no place for pupils to study that by mastering well especially in Bogor. Besides, minimum vocabulary is the second factor for pupils why they seems uninteresting to study more. The second that I mention before related to this factor, habits in their house for Sundanese really difficult because their parents have different background.

There are many ways to Rome, a popular wisdom that always we hear. “When I go to classroom and met my pupils at the first I always translate from Sundanese to Indonesian, said a wife of Dadang Mulyadi, S.Pd.I. she add that Sundanese is not just a language that we have studied but more, we must know about culture, habits, and ethic of human of Sundanese. Nevertheless, Maeni proud be a Sundanese Teacher. There are points that has resulted by her pupils, such as Juara hiji biantara basa Sunda (First winner for Sundanese speech) by Gea, her creative and diligent pupil. Not till there, Juara dua cerdas-cermat tingkat kota (runner-up for smart-smarter for city Level) Bogor. As a Sundanese Teacher, be a guide for any kind of contests are agenda for her. Juara dua puisi sastra Sunda tingkat kota (second winner for Sundanese literature poems level city) Bogor is a proud for mother of Endang Yuni Awandari and Indah Nur Vitriani calmly.

“Really is not my achievement to bring the pupils to get a winner or contest but how to socialize with other friends, getting more friends, add the experience and a gift that is not for me to have both of them.” Said Maeni. As a loyal teacher and nice mother for education, she said that she would like to continue her children until higher. later, be a professional teacher and maintaining the trust are vision, she said with her typical smile. When I ask her about vision of life, automatically she answer my questions. “Making successful for pupils in the future and come true their dreams are my Vison” Maeni said. Before finishing talk about a cool teacher, Maeni said a family means a unity has influenced when there are many problems and the ways come true. (Fahmi Awaludin)


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