Story from Lembang

Last Saturday, on 26 December 2008, friends and me had a journey to Lembang. Here the story.

At 07.00 wib, I start my journey. I went to the first destination, SDN CBM Cipanengah Sukabumi. During my journey there, there were many things that I found especially when I look around inside the bus. I met my friend, Asep Roesdiana, he always made me jokes until I could do nothing because I just smile and smile. Why? I got a little bit problem with my throat. I really felt tired in sitting to Sukabumi. How come the driver seems didn’t know where will go at that time, fact, still sight-seeing and circle on and on until last friends and me found that school. Alhamdulillah I came to the school. My friends and me used Batik clothes for the ceremonial task from my school because besides to know what they did about go green or uses the compose for daily planting. The headmaster told that he had accepted as a winner for using his school to explore and uses the compose and the school environment to help the earth from distructing especially plantation. So, SDN Cipanengah CBM Sukabumi has candidate as champion school healthy level of West Java and to become ambassador in Jakarta Race Healthy School (LSS) national level.

Time was pass… My friends and me didn’t feeling bore because we did fun and I must went to Musholla to pray Dzuhur. Later, we prayed together. After that at 1 pm, My friends and me says thanks to SDN CBM Cipanengah Sukabumi for their open-mind for us. Later, My friends and me went to the Sundanese Restaurant. At 2 pm, we ate together by banquate style and took a little rest to get more energy. Approximately an hour at that restaurant and My friends and me in hurry to went on the bus. “What? I must go to Bandung now” told to friend. But I had a little sad because not all friends could continue our journey. “Never mind, perhaps, they had more things that more important for themselves.” said me. At 3 pm, My friends and me start to went to Lembang, it was second destination for us. I passed Cianjur-Padalarang-Bandung and Finally Lembang, exactly at 07.30 pm. There, My friends and me get off to go to Farm District House (Peristirahatan Dinas Peternakan) Lembang. Later, I was looking for my room. Alhamdulillah I found it. I joined with Mr. Jajat and Mr. Ayi, twins people in my office. Hehehehe, kidding. No need long time, My friends and me took a bath and get pray Isya then ate together at dining-room by laughing especially when the unusual things happened.

“What will I do?” said me to friends. “Let’s we watch in cable TV”, my friend said me. While my friends and me were watching television at the same time friends came, he was Mr. Fadillah, Mr. Sulaeman, and Mr. Yani. Then , they join us to watch together that programme that we were watching. Midnight has come and time for me to go to bed and sleep exactly at 11 pm. “AllahuAkbar…AllahuAkbar…AllahuAkbar…AllahuAkbar…AllahuAkbar…” Musholla guard called my friends and me. At 4 am, we prayed together, Imam leader is Mr. Abidin. I always call him, UZ or Kiai Baleg. At 6 am My friends and me exercise together but not co-operate. Why? Because it has not the real schedule so there were kinds of exercise we did. Playing soccer, jogging, took pictures, jogging, morning exercises and more bought things to take to Bogor as merchandises especailly women teachers. How about me? I did, too. Hahahaha… Then My friends and me looks so busy to take our bag and prepare to got to breakfast before next destination. At 08.00 am my friends and me says thanks to Farm District House people that they had  enthusiastic us in this event. At 08.30 It was time to pick some strawberries and I really felt happy that had come there. No need long time, My friends and me seems busy took baskets to pick some strawberries and took a beautiful pictures.

At 09.30 am, My friends and me came at Tangkuban Parahu, Lembang. It was a last destination for us. Here, I did kinds of activities, such as took some pictures, bought merchandices, and much more. Really crowded, there were people here. Because Sunday was a last day for long week-end. But I had fun with friends, talking about Tangkuban Parahu story and two hours had ago. It was time for me to back to Bogor, my beautiful town. At 2 pm, My friends and me get on the bus then during my journey Lembang – Subang – Karawang – Jakarta – Bogor and Alhamdulillah I come to Bogor at 6 pm. And it was a little story from me from Lembang. (Fahmi Awaludin)


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He is an English teacher, writer, communicator, cool man and do anything that he likes to do such as traveling, which is add new experience.
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