Solution to Improve for Professional Teacher in Reformation Era (Upaya Meningkatkan Guru yang Profesional dalam Era Reformasi)

Resume for Professional Development Program four at Bina Insani Foundation Hall
Bogor, Saturday, June 19, 2008. Speaker by Prof. DR. H. Arief Rachman, M.Pd 


Prof. Arif Rahman

The Curriculum Vitae Arief Rachman. Full Name: Prof. DR. H. Arief Rachman, M.Pd; place, date of birth : Malang, East Java, June 19, 1942. Profession: teacher; ex-Principal of Labs School High School, Rawa Mangun, Jakarta; ex-Extra ordinary Lecturer of Psychology Faculty, University of Indonesia; professor in State University Jakarta (UNJ); active in education programs; Head of Indonesia Daily National Commission for UNESCO; Indonesian Education Profile; and founder Arief Rachman Associates. He is 7th child from couple R.A. Rachman and Siti Kursilah. He has wife Dra. Hj. Haryati and children Ella; Adhi; and Deva

WORD OF WISDOM. “Nobody rises from low expectation”. ‘Calvin Lloyd
Here the summary from Professional Development Program (PDP) 4 on Saturday, June 21st 2008 at Bina Insani Foundation Hall, Bogor, West Java. Organized by Bina Insani Foundation. Speaker by Prof. DR. H. Arief Rachman, M.Pd.


 The Solution to Improve for Professional Teacher in Reformation Era (Upaya Meningkatkan Guru yang Profesional dalam Era Reformasi)
The Contents of His Presentation.
5 Crucial Factors to improve and analyze the professionalism are ethic; knowledge; attitude; skill; and habits.
The Way to improve professionalism
Professionalism road map
Professionalism is a concept it takes process to adapt
Professionalism also grow in healthy environments

5 Crucial Factors to improve and analyze the professionalism are ethic; knowledge; attitude; skill; and habits.
a. Ethic. People who know that ethic is important because it will be result three points, such as:
Ability to work and serve without discrimination. For instance: ethnic; religion; sex; age; disabilities and gender.;
Ability to protect a privacy of pupil, fellow teacher and employer;
Committed to give objective opinion and assessment;
The other hands, the issues relating with the fairness of the employment contract and the balance of power
between employer and employee, and occupational safety and health.
b. Knowledge. It is important to teacher knows about factor of knowledge. There are:
Learning Method; teacher gives the several of learning method. To reach their (pupils) goal of education, learning method is one of the key to get success.
Teaching Method; it is not only learning method teacher needs but teaching method important, too.
Class Management Method; without managing the class well, the process of teaching learning will get problems. It means, teacher must make a good management program in the class.
Children Psychology; how come pupils like the subjects and teachers explanation and activities in the class if the teacher doesn’t know children psychology? So that knowing pupils’ background, here, psychology will increase their skill and wish to study well.
Knowledge to up coming trend; teacher should know that the newest knowledge in the future. Teacher should improve and dynamic in the digital era. It will help the education program.
c. Attitude. One of the keys to success in pupils’ education is attitude. Here are the points of attitude, such as:
Be pro active; the good process of teaching-learning is being pro active so that not only teacher but pupils, also.
Be confidence; some of pupils have problem in facing the audience or classmate. They have problem not in skill or ability but in this point, confidence.
Have fun in school activity; pupils feel happy and do the activities in the classroom well. So have fun in school activity.
Be open; they must be open where problems especially with their friends and teacher have.
Be focus; I agree that one of the things in reaching success is focus. Although he or she diligent in studying of his/ her subject but if they don’t concern or focus what the teacher said it will be threat for processing teaching learning so that is focus to your subjects.
Be emphatic; each pupils have a good manner, here, be emphatic in studying subject which has doing.

d. Skill. If you, teacher, want to be a professional people, they must do one of the main factors, here, skill. Then
skill has five items, which will be improve in professionalism skill. They are:
Class operational excellence; each class should be have an excellence so that among class can improve their capability.
Relationship with pupils; human is social who God creates. As an educator, has good relationship with pupils is a key to get their skills.
Ability to spark innovation; it’s not easy to motivate their capability in reaching new innovation so that motivate on and on they want to get their dream.
Nurture critical thinking; as a professional, teacher should be increased the pupils to be creative in each time that they having activities, here, in the classroom. Feed back is the effective way for pupils to have a good atmosphere.
Ability to develop analytic skill; best pupil isn’t just accepted the information from teacher or outside information but more than they should be analyze what is the benefit or not, the function and the weakness. The aim of analyzing is to reach critically and develop their mind. Meanwhile for the others, ability to be protected, ability to associate, ability to make prediction, ability to speak curiosity, ability from retention and ability to comprehend are skill factors too in making and creating good pupils also good manner.

e. Habits. There are crucial habits that teachers must know. Here are:
Be organized; it’s not just a way to get success and reach dream but as teacher has a good organization and organized them self will be increased to motivate they want.
Always participate; teachers don’t just talk and talk but they must be active and making participation in the classroom with their pupils.
Work & learn together to achieve synergy; teachers can do activities with their pupils together to achieve good synergy.
Learn to listen to other; teacher should be listening what they want to talk and perhaps it will be add their knowledge about teachers’ skills.
Appreciate; it’s seems easy and don’t important for teacher to appreciate when pupils have finished tasks and worksheets.
Practice-practice-practice; yap, practice makes perfect. Teacher isn’t only to teach and share his insight and knowledge but more, they can practice and practice every time.

2. The way to improve professionalism
Bangun dan pupuk jiwa kepemimpinan dalam diri (build strong leadership);
Bersikap dan bekerja secara akuntabel sesuai dengan posisi anda. Jalankan tata kelola yang baik (practice good governance);
Pro aktif dan berpartisipasi secara positif. Tidak ada perubahan tanpa partisipasi. (multilevel participation);
Bangun “sense of urgency”.

3. Professionalism road map
Susun strategi untuk membangun profesionalisme;
Bentuk struktur yang akan mendukung strategi;
Bangun sistem yang berisikan prosedur formal dan informal yang mengatur aktivitas sehari hari;
Seleksi talenta yang cocok dan mendukung tujuan organisasi;
Tetapkan nilai-nilai bersama yang menjadi ciri dan kultur organisasi;
Bangun gaya yang unik sehingga menjadi ciri khas personel organisasi anda ketika tampil.

4. Professionalism is a concept, it takes process to adopt

5. Professionalism also grow in healthy environments
Compensation & benefits: base pay; incentives; bonus; allowances; retirement & health benefits; and welfare
Work environment: quality of leadership; peer quality; recognition; empowerment; work challenge; mobility; and role clarity
School brand strength: reputation; industry; and leadership
School culture: HARD: functional; technical; and control. SOFT: inspiring; nurturing; energizing; exciting; encouraging; collaborating; open; belonging
Work-Life Balance: assignment travel: location; flex-time; childcare; work hours; vacation; and telecommuting

That’s all my resume and explanation by clearly. Here my points are:
All of materials above is nothing if you do nothing;
Don’t be afraid if you’ve mistakes;
Never say too young to learn and never say too old to learn;
Be confident;
English isn’t our first language, our mother tongue is Bahasa Indonesia, why me must be a shy people;
Practice makes perfect;
Do it and we’ve got it or we lose it;
English course, Forum English just a way to enrich your insight in mastering English after that the decision is yours not others;
And the last is open your world windows by mastering English now.

Sure, I am happy to attended this program. It make my horizon, my knowledge, my motivation are getting up. I hope people like Bara and Clive will be back in next or other time. Thanks God. Thanks Pak Muchtar. May God Bless you. Amiiiin. Alhamdulillah. Bogor, Sunday, April 20, 2008. (Fahmi Awaludin)


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