Saturday, January 31, 2008 at 08.30-12.30 wib in Kusnoto-PUSLIT BIOLOGI-LIPI 6th Floor Bogor, Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda No. 18 was held the Seminar took the theme“Optimalized Child Potential Intellegence by HomeSchooling” which is the hottest info for Bogor Education.

The Activity organized by Bogor Islamic HomeSchooling. The Seminar has invited the main speaker, they were Maulia Kembara, M.Pd and Yayah Komariah, S.Pd. Around 200 people joined there. At the first time I got the invitation from my friend really interesting, why not? I feel i is new way to get education from the other side when the formal education cannot meet the desire, here, the parents. Meanwhile the otherside, for encouraging their kids to get eduaction more for future better.

Unfortunately I feel bored when the event organizer make a setting for the seminar that they organized. As a whole for the seminar, I got a little a bit about HomeSchooling especially from the second speaker, Yayah. She said that we has been running this HomeSchooling since 2004, 4 years ago when I have decided to break from my school and teach 4 my pupils in house. She was graduated from Arabic Department in UNJ, Jakarta. Exactly she is a practician in HomeSchooling.

Meanwhile the first speaker, Maulia, he really makes me bored. How come? He’s not communicative in giving the HomeSchooling althought both of them using PowerPoint for the delivering the seminar. That’s all my activity when the Saturday day come.

(Fahmi Awaludin)


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