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Independent Life for Our Health

Resume for English Forum at Bina Insani Foundation Hall
Bogor, Saturday, April 19, 2008
Speaker by Bara and Clive Gent

The Curriculum Vitae Bara. She joins in the Hasan Sadikin Hospital activities; cool speaker and always makes a joke in the middle of the seminar; from South Africa; lives in Bandung, West Java; studies Sundanese Language and Culture in the West Java now; active in some Social Activities.

Based on the name of this program for Bara, Independent Life for Our Health
The Systematically Her Material, below here;
Introduction; why I must be healthy?; what should I do to be healthy my life?; conclusion and suggestion.



Here, the explanation in basic information about health and be healthy for the audience.

  • To ice break the atmosphere of English forum and for the first meeting program by Bina Insani Foundation, two performances by Deni, she shows the telling story about the Lion and the Mouse (learn story means: do not judge the book by its cover and do not makes differences among us because we are social people) in front of the audience by interesting way and Rara and Cs also, They shows Two songs, I will fly (ten two five lyrics) and ayat-ayat cinta (Rossa lyrics) and the condition more interesting and really fun because when the second performance, one of the speaker, Bara, be a dancer like in the show of the artist and Fahri (Mr. Syaf-religion teacher-) meanwhile the other student be an Aisyah like in the Ayat-ayat Cinta Movie.

The above as a little bit info so that not to be bore and boring to read my resume or article here.

Firstly, she asked the audience, “Is it important for us to keep our body and why?” automatically, one of the audience of the English forum said, yes we must kept our body because we can did many kinds of activities especially taught my pupils and also myself. You could image how we could do daily activities without keep our health. So that it is important for us to keep our health, he said. And as the first speaker, Bara, she really enjoys and interested in listening the audience opinion about it. She said that that’s way it will be all right our body if we care our self, right?

Later, why we must be healthy? She said that there were four points we must be healthy. There are: A gift must be protected struggle; life destination gives the motivation. Example: The other time, she taught us about what we should for our healthy.
What should I do to be healthy my life?

Generally there are three items that we must know, there are:

  • Understand our body. How we can know we have or not our disease meanwhile we don’t know our self. It is important to know our self to protect from the diseases inside or outside.
  • Apply what we has studied. Do not be angry when someone talk in front of your face, NATO-No Action Talk Only- it means you must practice and try on and on about things that you’ve gotten, not talk and talk but practice it well.
  • Here, your knowledge about health, right? Share with stake holder, such as: teachers; pupils; pupils’ parents and also public people. Why we should be share with others? Because we are social human then by sharing, we have much more information about health and be healthy, too.

Conclusion and Suggestion
Here, she gives us conclusion and suggestion about healthy and be healthy. Life Destination, a big motivation to life healthy; the importance knowledge about our body and factors has influenced.

Phonics Program
(An Introduction to Pre-Reading and Writing)
By Clive Glent

The Curriculum Vitae Clive Gent. She is the native speaker for International Schools in Bandung, West Java; cool, cozy, interesting speaker for the audience and always invites the audience to talk; from Scotland; and lives in Bandung, West Java now.

Before starting the presentation to the main material that she brings, she asked the audience. How are you to day? Yes, we are fine, said audience. Then as the common ice breaking, she asked again, why we should talk and talk in the forum or classroom not write or reading and writing before. What was matter with me, suddenly said as far as I know that there four skills in English. There are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Later, I said, listening and reading as passive skills means just accepted information not produce meanwhile speaking and writing as active skills means accepted and produce information clear. People know at the first our capability by knowing speaking and writing. So that speaking or talk more important at the first time we have studied English. And she said thank you for Mr. Fahmi for your information.

Here the specific information that I’ve got and explain clearly by simple English.

  • Language skills 62,4%. You can imaged, English taught grammar, structure starts the primary-second and high school in Indonesia and this is a fact that materials makes the pupils bore and rather than the teacher also boring.
  • Listening-Reading 49,5%. By fill in the blank the worksheet in listening test and got the information, we feel the pupils had understand about material we’ve given but fact not likes this. Listening taught to the pupils to be master in getting the inside of information their listened and know the main idea. Next, not pronounce the sound of pupils loudly but they understood information that they’ve got and main idea inside the text and not real text as we know. Picture, chart, label, food menu, bill are the example for the reading.
  • Writing 43,1%. Most of our pupils get writing and the teacher said by getting and improve, the pupils will be better in facing the English problem. That’s right the answer is good but how about communicate in front of the people especially if you’ve a chance to talk in front of the audience.
  • Speaking 19,3%. Likely we think that speaking isn’t too important for us especially pupils. We know that to produce the information as the glance people know is by speaking later writing. So that start now let’s speak and speak English more than little bit, right?

1. Doesn’t meet expectations

  • So give the pupils chance to get their expectations; and give them wises that they want to get it in the class.

2. Students don’t know what to learn

  • Here the way: it will be better, they must know clearly why we study the material that teacher has given, right; and the syllabus and lesson plan must clear.

3. No consultations with teachers

  • Solutions: most of us don’t care when they get problem, so that every time you have and pupils also why not share and give them info as much as you have and know; and when there is a will, there is a way, right?

4. No understanding of needs

  • Here the way: teacher must be a creative human because pupils especially kindergartens and primary school level still get much info from the teacher. So that their needed is completely; and we study that we think it is important and for our importance.

5. Themes are relevant

  • The way: not to different with number 4 above, we as a teacher give them (pupils) much insight of themes that we have meanwhile pupils’ needed is different with us. So the best way relating between teachers and pupils is better rather good themes but not their needed; open our ears and mind what they want to get.

6. Close are not the 4-6 hours required

  • Alternative: we need more than 4-6 hours to study that we have got it; and study, drill and drill will makes perfect. Later, she said based on The Jakarta Post English daily newspaper that most of us just be survival people in English competence (A. Chaedar Alkasilah)

The importance of phonics she told us… we use phonics because develop children’s English skills such as: in reading; writing; listening; and speaking through short stories; rhymes; and activities: teach letter recognition, pictures, word association, and relevant vocabulary; introduce the animals’ characters that are used to represent each letter and to exercise; join the dots and simple drawing exercises.

The last that we should do for our pupils are first, teach the characters, vocabulary, alphabet Aa-Zz; second, teach the characters, sound, vocabulary, alphabets and extra words Aa-Zz; and third, teach rhymes (–ad, -an, -et, en, et, ig, og, un); blends (bl, ch, cl, dr, gr); and diagraphs (sh, th, wh).

That’s all my resume and explanation by clearly. Here my points are: all of materials above is nothing if you do nothing; don’t be afraid if you have mistakes; never say to young to learn and never say to old to learn; be confident; English isn’t our first language, our mother tongue is Bahasa Indonesia, why me must be a shy people; practice makes perfect; do it we’ve got it or we lose it; English Course, Forum English just a way to enrich your insight in mastering English after that the decision is yours not other; and the last open your world windows by mastering English now.

Sure, I am happy to attend this program. It makes my horizon, my knowledge, my motivation are getting up. I hope people like Bara and Clive will be back in next or other time. Thanks God. Thanks Pak Muchtar. May God Bless you. Amiiiin. Alhamdulillah.

Bogor, Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wriiten by Fahmi Awaludin


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