Ahmad Fadillah, S.Pd

Fadillah in front of school.

He is Mr. Agus, a popular name in Bina Insani School. He has a full name Ahmad Fadillah, S.Pd. He was born on July 11, 1970. He is from Bogor, West Java. He has a loyal wife, namely, Dini Trisna Diana, S.Pd and two children. They are Muhammad Farhan and Jihan. He lives at Bukit Cimanggu Villa Bogor blok U6 No. 19. Now, he is a vice principle for administration and finance at Bina Insani Primary School Bogor. Besides, he teaches Pendidikan Lingkungan Hidup (Environmental Education)at grade fifth for Primary School.

Mr. Agus graduated from Ibn Khaldun University (UIKA), Faculty Teaching and Education (FKIP), majoring English Department Bogor in 2005. He had a research The Influence of Using Computer’s Multimedia Toward Students’ Vocabulary Mastery, the Study conducted at Bina Insani Elemetary School Bogor. He had a degree for Sarjana Pendidikan.

Now he has been studying at Pakuan University (UNPAK), Faculty of Teaching and Education Majoring Manajemen Pendidikan (Education Management) for getting Master Degree Bogor. Not difficult to meet him. He is low-profile, attractive, and creative teacher as I known. Besides, he always follows the newest info, such as information technology. He can easily in Facebook, a way for human in new era to find a friend in the world recently.

To differentiated he and other teachers are making eye-glasses and thick beard but occasionally, using kopiah (Indonesian cap) change without knowing when he has done. For me, he is nice father for his children and loyal husband for his wife and always studies things that he doesn’t know before also reminded me when I forgot about something. He reached at Facebook easily. (Fahmi Awaludin)


About fahmibogor

He is an English teacher, writer, communicator, cool man and do anything that he likes to do such as traveling, which is add new experience.
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