What do you do in the class?

Perhaps the title above will get some answers from my article and hopefully we can share each other here, in this place. (Fahmi Awaludin)

Farhan at Mrs. Dini’s class, 2A.

1. Dare to talk! 

That’s why I say, a class is not a jail where people who get punish easily found and here you can talk as much as you want, as long as you cannot out from the rules like how to talk by good sound and more.


From left: Farhan n Nuku cs. at Mrs. Dini’s class, 2A.

2. Share 

Don’t judge your attitude is good or bad but for the first time please tell frankly and then we can see it’s good or accepted in our culture or not about your habits.

Go on!

3. Exercise
As a place for us to drill kinds of activities whether difficult or easy, don’t care.
Because it’s a place for getting better result by better process you have been making until done here.


Raka at Mrs. Juju’s Class, 3E.

4. Try-out

If you go out from the class, there are many things you will face on like challenge in a test and more. So that try-out is one of the activities which, class giving to you.


Get solution

5. Solution

Having many friends automatically influenced toward yourselves.
By getting problem then you will getting way how to out from that soon, I hope.


6. Improve your potential

Many sources come here whether from you, pupils, or teacher or others about knowledge and as the effect you will improve your potential here.

At Ciseeng


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