Teaching by Powerpoint

Long time ago, no playing with my kids and long time to no chatting about kids’ life. As long as I seen and based on experiences, at recent, in era digital and when the world just touch from our fingers seem the size our world more narrow and close to our face. It is time, I would like to share my insight with you, readers. What things we will talking about? we will talk a method from all methods we have, maybe. About the useful power-point for our teaching especially for you who have good teaching media like computer, projector and more.

What’s wrong with power-point and why it is important for our teaching learning material? As I known that one of the brain interests is picture and moving-visual. So, why not to try teach uses power-point media, right? But the problems I have found are:

  1. The difficulties for teachers to play and work with power-point media.
  2. The minimum technology gadget in most of school in Indonesia especially a school far away from city.
  3. The lazy for teacher in preparing to make a power-point because need more time than convensional method.
  4. Etc.

But I believe if we really seriously in learning to make better and interesting teaching learning activities, there are some ways to reach it! So, why not to try to make a power-point method for your kids. Good Luck! (Fahmi Awaludin)


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He is an English teacher, writer, communicator, cool man and do anything that he likes to do such as traveling, which is add new experience.
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