Staff Room will…

In this week, Second week on April Month, a staff room feel happy because Bina Insani Management invited staff room to required Bina Insani’s Management invitation. The invitation to fulfilled a main task in getting higher life for better job level. The content of activities that invitation like interview about around Bina Insani School, job description and professionalism, Islamic knowledge, general knowledge and things related to Bina Insani insight. We hope our friend, Nining, which has position as one of two staffs room in Bina Insani Primary School better position and her job because she gets higher level in our school for getting better life, too.

So, in our staff room only one do activities, namely Dedi Sulaeman. Because of our friend, Nining, has been running test for getting higher level in our school where Bina Insani Management held by. And for all teachers include me us do too for better future and life. (Fahmi Awaludin).


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