Namely Trini

One day when we went Jakarta with pupils in doing and running school program, study tour. Then, we tried to communicate to each other pupils in a bus. In the bus, we were kidding with pupils especially in the back because we sat with pupils in the last back position. But we did not know suddenly we wanted to move in front of bus chair. There, we met some pupils exactly behind the bus driver. We sat among three girl pupils and as usual made kidding and joke. But we really interested in making communication to a girl. The girl we met namely Trini. She was a pupil for class 3E who had a mother class, Jwariyah, S.Pd. SD. Then, we would like to try talk more about she and her problems relating with her daily activities in the school. First, we asked Trini about her condition. “Are you all right, cute girl?” said me buy smile. ‘Yes, Sir, I am all right. As you seen with your face now, I am fine.” She replied. Five minutes later, we thought she was easily to communicate with us.
During the journey to Planetarium, pupils in the bus look so busy with their singing songs by ST12. Meanwhile, we asked more about her especially why she moved to other class. What was going on with her? Why she did not enjoy to study in Acceleration Class? Was it something happen with her? I did not know to answers the question we had. And, here, based on the information we had found in the field that she was in level two more to others classroom although still in grade three. Generally she and her friends in the grade 3E did not different with common characters. But, we tried to talk about things was happening with her, such as why she should moved to class, starting from Acceleration Class 3A to regular class 3D then move to the other class, regular class 3E. it was the questions we would like to know more and asked her soon. Songs from ST12 made us more interested in sharing about school activities particularly about her reasons to move to regular class from Acceleration Class at that time.

Actually what did happen with you, Trini? It was the first questions we gave her. She replied soon, she took mind and join in Acceleration Class because she would to get better insight and knowledge about education in that class. Then, she felt she could everything exactly faster getting subject there. And did not based on temporary feeling and she could not consulate before to her parents. It was really she wishes she wanted to get. One side we get a little bit information about background of her wishes. But later, we did not feel satisfied at that moment because of she talked not as a whole from her ambitions. While we were talking with Trini, most of pupils in our bus, which had number Bus, seem happy because of they were singing songs from ST12, a group of music from flower city, Bandung. It was the first time, she moved class from Acceleration Class 3A to Regular Class 3D. Then, she seemed silent because she felt she a new pupil in that class. Trini said she was still observing around situation and condition in new classroom she had moved.

Next, we knew that she had reason why she moved to the other classroom. We felt as same as she was thinking, at the first when we stayed in a new environment sometimes still silent but it was bad if we still did like that. Better, we must talk and share about conditions at that time, and when we wanted to related to her problems not too different because of we had same conditions. As well as she told about her stories she really seriously listened her ambitions, feeling, wishes, and much more. Twenty minutes more clock had shown, she talked us about moving the classroom and why she did not enjoy about a week before coming to class 3D a mother class, Dwi Astuti, A.Md, actually she said that to reflected things she face on. Such as why she should and must move to next classroom. In our mind, in eight years old, she had good mind and opinion and when she expressed her feeling and wishes because of the other ability she had, we thought. By sharing and telling stories her problems smaller because we still listened and always motivated her about problems she had facing on in the classroom and perhaps only some pupils and teachers knew about them, meant problems for getting letter education.

One pupil me thought looks like teens was her, Trini. We should talked more in the classroom but could not do that. One reason we said based on unconcertration in facing and listening her problems. Moving Class to other Class 3E from Class 3D, she told too. When she had more to Class 3E, she enjoyed new condition and athmospere until most of her stories she told. Such as she told she had friends like Wafiq and sat beside her in the Bus. As we seen during the speaking about she and school, feeling happy we had got. And time for us to finished a topic had done. And we got a little point about our talking, such as:

  • Better communication will help pupil process in getting better result for education.
  • Brainstorming is a nice way to close to a pupil.
  • Do not judge the book by its cover, means try to know what problem is she has facing.
  • Start from hobby about pupil to talk next or main topic will help things we will known.
  • Do not make a position like we are teacher and you are pupil but make a same position, as a friend and we believe they will be closing with us, right?

We hope the article that we have useful for all readers. (Fahmi Awaludin)


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