Namely Mario

6735806He is Mario. He is one of boys in the second grade in Bina Insani Primary School Bogor. Every Tuesday I always teach his class where has located is on first flour. I see all pupils concern with their different style include Mario. What’s wrong with Mario? No matter something happen with the unusual things and attitude until he seems different in his buddies minded. I don’t know. As long as I observed approximately two semester. I have found a way in learning style whether when he expresses his mind or opinion to me. Such as how to teach English and explain the material as if he is my friend or the other name, additional teacher. Later, I see he has big motivation when studies English as I seen but the other hand he looks face some problems when he face on his buddies in his class, 2 E, especially Fajar, Derbi and Fajar when making a group. Really he does what he wants to and cannot easier to explained him the important socialize with a group especially when has problems.

Talking about style of learning, in my mind, whatever he does by kind of extra ordinary style or the uncommon style no problem as long as he can adapted and doesn’t his buddies include Mario. Base on the data about of his class, Mario, he can follow the whole of material I have given and the result is satisfied. By having reason, he is nice and smart boy in Intelligence Quotient meanwhile when I see his way and how to close with his friends it is problem as I found. Such as he really easily angry when he feels not good and must do thing. Here, I still talk about Mario’s attitude and everything about his activities in the school area. Having middle sound and not too clear when speaks in front of me, be a sign that he is Mario. The other hand, he has  kinesthetic learning styles when he follow the activities as a whole. Don’t negative thinking about Mario at the first time and I do, too. As popular proverb, don’t judge the book by its cover. So, do not judge that Mario is a boy who has many problems but he is smart boy and easier to follow your teaching if you know him at the first.

First thing first you should do when you see him in his classroom, don’t be panic. That’s right, how come you will get more information and always happy in running your teaching learning process if you are down and has no or loss motivation because your pupils don’t listen and care what you have done or obey your rules. Fact, you will feel stress until you say to your friends or mother class, I cannot follow this condition because you are panic and lie that you are headache before and after from class 2 E. So, don’t be a panic teacher, OK! Second, face to face. Sometimes, when you think it is enough for you to talk and explain as a whole in the class without caring with the condition and think that all the class is same, it is bad and try to out from that mind or statement. So, by having good solution like face to face, minimum will help you and imporve your pupils in academic because, maybe, it is a good way for some pupils or has shy characters like Mario. (Fahmi Awaludin)


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