They are having test….

How we feel happy when hear we have passed a test and its cannot change for everything that we have, likely. What should we do if we want to have good mark exactly? Here I’ll give for you and I hope you have benefit after reading them,

Know your style of learning
Occasionally we have much time just to get nice mark and one day you’ll see it’s a just daydream because of you. We and you know that human has different ideas to get and catch information more than study in the school. So try to know our style and please study based on different style of learning and you’ll feel enjoy to joy and joy.

Oh yeah it is a second problem maybe I can see. Most of us can’t accepted a reality. Imaged when a child feel enjoy with see-saw, slide or still swim suddenly he must goes to a study-room to prepare the next day for examination. Oh no. Remember, a child has big opportunity to put this information off in his brain because he still blank in his mind. So easier to accepted all things he want to reached. (Fahmi Awaludin)


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He is an English teacher, writer, communicator, cool man and do anything that he likes to do such as traveling, which is add new experience.
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