Hore… Hore… Hore… Tea Walk

Last Tuesday in November 4, 2008 was special day for pupils at second grade for Bina Insani Primary School Bogor which, had activities in outside the school. The activity is a regular program for pupils in each semester. Based on the schedule, they go to Gunung Mas to look at the factory and tea walk at Puncak Bogor. Twenty minutes to eight in the morning, pupils got message from vice principal for pupils, Mr. Sudrajat. He said that was careful there (Gunung Mas-red) because of climate unpredictable and wore raincoat, ask kind of information about processing of tea to tea’s officers, and feel happy there. Pupils (2A, 2B, 2C, 2D and 2E) guided by teachers.

There, they did kinds of activities, such as sight-seeing processing of making tea in a factory, go to tea garden and listened the story by speaker from Gunung Mas Factory. This activities held by Bina Insani Primary School which, teachers and mother classes as organizers. As a whole pupils feels happy and enthusiastic in following kinds of activities. Well, touching tea leaves, saw tea machines, walking around tea’s garden were new experiences for them. Indeed, they still playing and laughing together inside the factory although smells of tea was bad for the children. Later then, they were walking around tea garden. Sometimes, pupils and teachers did break time because of tired. Around 2 KM had passed and it was time for listening speaker from tea’s officer about processing and making tea.


After that, pupils and teachers having lunch together and go to rest room to take ablution to pray Dzuhur. Before going to the bus, pupils must wearing raincoat because in front the Gunung Mas Tea, the rain came. After that, they went to the bus. Finally, time for go to school then arrived there around 2 pm. Hopefully, pupils more understood about how to keep and uses tea as one of asset our natural sources for our living and it is not just as school programs for studying in the outside but more they will know each others. (Fahmi Awaludin)



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