Goes to Degree of Art Appreciation Tenth

M. Sudrajat in front of class 1B.


Bina Insani Primary School will held a big event as an annual programs that has run for ten times. And based on the information that I have, this school will held a big event, Gelar Apresiasi Seni yang ke-10 (degree of art appreciation tenth). When I confirmed more to school, that’s right, we are held big event for annual programs, said M. Sudrajat, S.Ag as a leader of appresiasi arts degree tenth (Saturday, February 14, 2009). Now, I have running a meeting for my members to talk more about this events, said Sudrajat calmly.

When I asked him about this moment, automatically he talk more. “Degree of art appreciation tenth aims to show pupils’ creativity during they join in extra-curricular as long as one year before, close to pupils’ parents, communicate with other environments in outside Bina Insani Primary School especially Primary School.” said him by cool style.

As a usual, Bina Insani Primary School show around eighteen extra-curricula inside, scout (compulsory extra-curricula), tartil Qur’an, da’I cilik, marawis, pencak silat, arabic club, and English club (special extra-curricula), and also swimming club, karate, tae-kwondo, painting, dancing, marching-band, futsal, soccer, choir (extra-curricular options), he added. In the other hand, as informed that I collected until now. Bina Insani Primary School will join with others unit, there are kinder garden, secondary school, and high school also supported by Bina Insani School and Badan Musyawarah Orang Tua dan Guru (Parents Organization and Teachers) Bina Insani Primary School.

How abut sponsor events? Later, M. Sudrajat said that he would like to invited for some sponsors events includes banks, education institutions, food company, bazaar, bookstore, and much more to successful this event. In the middle of meetings, he invited the Principal of Bina Insani Primary School Bogor, West Java, Mat Ali Karjam, S.Pd.SD. He said that he duties his vice-principal, M. Sudrajat, S.Ag as a leader of this event. “I hope degree of art appreciation tenth better as before and can do well.” Karjam said. In closing the meeting with M. Sudrajat, he just said that he always hope degree of art appreciation tenth do well done as programs arranged before and we can co-operate one each other. (Fahmi Awaludin)


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