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Did you feel difficult when you were teaching your pupils? If the answer is yes, likely this article helps you. Now I would like to give you a little bit info that I think useful for all and me especially because of based on my basic and experience, too…hehehe. Crosswords puzzle, yes it is a crossword puzzle. It is one of tips I’ve taught to my beloved pupils is in my school. It is not just talk more about the teaching method but you’ll find the balancing of your mind, both of left and right brain.

English is one of the popular language and most of people in the world use this language. So why not to find more out the best ways to study this language by right tips. And the tips I’ve given, too, likely, will increased your spirit especially when study English. No matter materials you want share or explain as long as tips you have suitable with you and your pupils, right?

Remember don’t think you are have many kinds of teaching tips but still fail until now. The answer is you have mistakes in choosing the tips for material you want to give. And I hope by crosswords puzzle you’ll feel happy as particular your pupils that running the English subject. I hope tips which, I have given will help you in studying and important the material or things you want to know more…..wish us luck, OK. (Fahmi Awaludin)


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He is an English teacher, writer, communicator, cool man and do anything that he likes to do such as traveling, which is add new experience.
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  1. I found this blog very interesting and I just wanna thank you for that. I hope you keep up the great work!

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