Bina Insani Goes to Planetarium and Museum Bank Indonesia

Here the story on Wednesday, April 8th 2009 for Third Grade Primary School for Second Semester Bina Insani journey to Planetarium and Museum Bank Indonesia. We hope this story could encouraged all people about what the importance out-side learning process and better social way get pupils knowledge about teaching learning materials and new experiences for them and teachers, too, right?

We started from Bina Insani’s School Bogor was around 07.00 in the morning while most of pupils learning whether play group, kinder garten, primary school, secondary school and high school do usual daily activities was teaching-learning process. By coordinating and good attention from pupils, teachers, organizer, and also parents finally we ready to make an unforgettable moment journey for third grade primary school and together listens the ceremonial ceremony and as a first step to leave Bina Insani’s School field around ten minutes more. And for the speaker is Vice Principal for Pupils’ Activities, Muhammad Sudrajat, S.Ag. In his message, he says and reminded us about things we must do and don’t there. Such as be careful in doing activities, asking the question if you don’t know about the information, don’t leave Shalat, patient while you are making activities, and more.

Bina Insani’s School always makes an annual program to make activities outside school as the aims that Study Tour is one of the ways for pupils to get new insight and experiences about the important of direct-method to field and more. Most of pupils in 3rd grade pupils for primary school run the field-trip although there were some pupils could do because of sicks and we went to Planetarium by three big buses and one minibus and also one police car to guide us during the journey. Exactly at 07.20 we go to our buses where stay around shops in front of Bina Insani’s School. Wow! There were many people greet us whether just to say hello and reminded their children our everything before get on to the destinations we will come. It was a second time in second semester for Bina Insani’s Primary School Bogor run the annual programs and all pupils who school in Bina Insani and did the same activities although different for destinations, time and also the aims, too.

Talking about time, around 07.40 we ready went to our destinations, Planetarium and Museum Bank Indonesia, by happily….oh, we forget to picks some beautiful pictures was around Buses place area. Alhamdulillah, we could go there. And as usual and to protect things that we want don’t happens, we pray together to Allah, we will make a journey. As my observation and task for school documentation, I have seen the uncommon things. We have a police car and what for, I was thinking…. Then, I got the information from one of source people, it was some organizer ideas to made faster and nice journey because of two destinations place we will come are the traffic jam area. Where, Planetarium is located on Ciniki street, area Taman Ismail Marzuki and Museum Bank Indonesia is located on MH. Thamrin street, Jakarta. We run the journey start from school was around and 07.30 and arrived at around 10.30 and when I counted the time we have short and faster time that we have programmed programs. Before time we have made, we came was around 10.00. and we soon left the bus to come to Planetarium building and that’s right follows rules they have make for visitor like us.

Based on my observation during the first journey, the parking management was not as well as I think, the arrangement for vehicles is bad, such as bus, car, and more. Back to side of things we did in Planetarium building. What did pupils do inside the building exactly? We saw some pupils go to rest room and also teachers. It was a good way before coming into Planetaium room because if we still come in and out will distrubed the activities inside and disturb concentration with Planetairum management gives us, right?  Then, was around 11.oo in the time for Planetarium room, really crowded. More than 4oo people join in Planetarium shows althought was not same capacity for visitors, 250 people. But we must enjoy by the conditions also was notes for management for better service and not based on business oriented but nice service, too. Right? At around 11.30 we have watched and done the first destination, Planetairum….Mmmmmm, Hungry? That’s right we feel hungry. Then, we soon went to our buses to have lunch together. And while we and pupils were eating, the driver bus run his bus to go to second destination, Museum Bank Indonesia on MH. Thamrin street, Jakarta.

We arrived at Museum Bank Indonesia was around 12.00 PM. We kept our bus and we went to Masjid to pray Dzuhur together where Mr. Sumarsana (Bina Insani’s Islamic teacher) as our leader in running pray Dzuhur together. While waiting time to come to Museum Bank Indonesia Building around one hour more, we were praying together to Allah SWT that we still health and safe until finish then pupils went to place in front of to Masjid to reminded pupils about things what we must did and didn’t, the speaker was Mr. Sumarsana and Mr. Budiyana and helped by some teacher. After that, we went to Museum Bank Indonesia. At Around 14.00 in the afternoon time, they (a Museum Bank Indonesia management), invited and greet us to come and sight-seeing around Museum Bank Indonesia and the history inside. The pupils divided two groups and each group had two guides in running the little journey inside the Museum Bank Indonesia. And how about the teachers and staffs? Yes, they divided two to accompanied pupils inside.

While the sight-seeing around building, I could not documented as a whole during the activities, without thinking more, automatically I decided to followed one group and really I could took the documentation in the same time because of big and wide the building but finally we join together in one place. The second place and destination that I came was new experiences for me. So as much as information about Museum Bank Indoenesia I asked included the activities, brochure and more. Based on the information I gave, there were some activities has been run, like a photography contest as a way to promote Museum Bank Indonesia, renovated magic touching coin room and more. And while we were watching television in TV’s room for watching film for money, some teens did, too. Then, finally we joined together in a general room and the guide for our journey made some activities, exactly repeat about the journey we have done inside by making some questions. That’s right for twenty pupils who could answers the questions and had a number that host read, get door prize too. It was mean that merchandise from Museum Bank Indonesia (MBI). Hore… hore… we got door prize… Our pupils not teachers… Hahahaha…

Before we left MBI, we gave them a Bina insani’s placard and all people claps together and took some pictures as documentation for us. But we must back to Masjid again to did pray Ashar because of time had come. And after that we back to bus to go school. At Around 16.00 in our time, we must soon leave the MBI and back to Bogor. And during the bus they look so happy until forget they felt tired. And around 18.00 in Maghrib time we come in Bogor and some parents has been waiting for our arrival. And Alhamdullilah we had run the journey by happily although we really felt tired and see you for next our journey.

The last, We,

  1. Ir. Fatchul Dzannah (Science teacher and Vice Principal for Curriculum);
  2. Ina Fajriah, S.Pd (Mother Class for 3A);
  3. Yeni Nuraeni, S.Pd (Mother Class for 3B);
  4. Budiyana, S.Pd (Father Class for 3C);
  5. Dwi Astuti (Mother Class for 3D);
  6. Juwariyah (Mother Class for 3E);
  7. Mariyatul Qiftiyah, S.Pd (Mother Class for 3F and Coordinator for Third Grade Level);
  8. Asep Sumarsana, S.Ag (Islamic teacher and Assistance for Vice Principal for Finance);
  9. Fahmi Awaludin, S.Pd (English Teacher); and
  10. Agus,
  11. Yusuf,
  12. Nedi,
  13. Ishak and more (Security, Office and Parking area)

Would you like says thanks to All friends, teacher in Bina Insani’s School; Pupils parent especially grade three Bina Insani’s School; Policemen in helping us; and much more that we cannot mention one by one. (Fahmi Awaludin)


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