2nd Winner for National Robotic Olympiad

This time when I meet my friend, Ms. Yeni, she says to me that our pupils get new win as a second winner for National Robotic Champion. Wow… I am happy hear that although I am not join there but feel happy because of spirit their have, loyal and all about motivation they have include teachers, parents, and robotic team really cooperate in and out for the contest.

As I mention before in the article, they are really happy and have big spirit to follow the robotic programs starts introduction of robotic, step by step how to learn robotic and make preparation for the contest where their capability must show better rather that practice as usual on Saturday, once a week. Based on the news I get that, components for robotic uses Fischer technique, and the sensor also inside. Talking about control program, by software where handles the model. The model shelf uses program interface-controller and the hardware uses the Robo Mobile not Lego so that the price more expensive. And level for difficulties is not lower but not too different with. (Fahmi Awaludin)

Info: pictures taken from Rick sheffer gallery, info from Ms. Yeni and all people who helps me to publish this article. Thanks for all.



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