Shoot Nice Picks for Annual Book

Wow! It is an expression I have when I known that Bina Insani Primary School Bogor especially Sixth Grade makes an Annual Book for Pupils’ Graduation Book and as annual program that school and parent programmed. Based on information we have, some parents and teachers coordinated and observed some places in around primary school building on Friday, April 2009 to get nice place to make a small studio. Then, the organizer, some teachers and parents asked a father class, Muhammad Aysar Fahd, S.Ag, because they need his class be a temporary photo studio. After permitting by him, they set some things as look as the real studio. Then, pupils can taken a nice photo by photographers. And as long as our observation in a whole, on Saturday, April 11th 2009, activities really crowded and suitable with programmed. Most of pupils in grade six do well. Because some teachers especially in sixth grade and also parents who have business with that program support until taking pictures done completely.

And at around 12.00 am in the early afternoon time, pupils have taken nice pictures and they can go home. Then, it will followed for annual book and show for most of pupils’ parent soon. As long as activities I seen, a teacher who really join in taking photography is Supriyono, a computer teacher in Bina Insani Primary School Bogor and always help in documenting school program especially taking nice picture and record the events. The other teachers for sixth grade such as Sanusi, SP, as a coordinator for grade six, H. Sukarna, S.Pd.SD, and all teachers related to annual book program include pupils’ parent. We hope that by publishing activities in this day, will help you who has not known what is happening on Saturday in our lovely school, Bina Insani Bogor. (Fahmi Awaludin).


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