Saturday Meeting for National Test Preparation

On Saturday, April 11th 2009, Bina Insani Primary School Bogor, West Java held a Saturday Meeting for National Test preparation which is Ir. Fatchul Dzannah, a Vice Principal for Curriculum, as a lead for the meeting. Most of teachers join in a meeting, which has aims like getting and know what is going on in Bina Insani Primary School especially preparation for National Test Primary School and others programs that will running for this semester, semester two.

Besides, to get better result whatever Pupils’ National Test result and the other information around school like first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade in Primary School levels. The main point in the meeting is getting better programs have been running and that’s why in answering the questions from teachers about National Test and school programs as a whole for successful and get solution when problems we have facing in front of us. Unfortunately, not all teachers attended in Saturday meeting that lead by Ir. Fatchul Dzannah as Vice Principal for Curriculum because there are some reasons why they do not join in the meeting inside.

First, making annual book is one of annual programs that School and Parents’ Council (BMOG) have made. So that some teachers who join it cannot join in the meeting. Second, in the other hand, some teachers who works in make classroom up for Monday (April 13th 2009) try out test in preparing national test. So that members of meeting which is held on second flour at teachers’ room inadequate of wishes. The third reason, why teachers cannot go to school, they permit to school, not too come to lovely school. According with meeting that we have listened from our friends, actually about try out and national final for grade six. Hopefully, by this meeting, each others can successful a dream. One of the dreams is better skills, better result, better quality especially for pupils in grade six Bina Insani Primary School Bogor and generally for Bina Insani people who care with education. And at around 12.00 am the meeting held by Bina Insani Primary School has done and time for teachers to do others tasks wheter checking school administration, making or print out material test for later tests, go to Masjid Al Ikhlas to pray Dzuhur, go home, and more. We hope this information help each others and always be a positive way little or much insight we have. Better way is how to express things and knowledge we have got, right? (Fahmi Awaludin).


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