Preparation Try Out for National Test at Bina Insani Primary School Bogor






Today, on Saturday, April 11th 2009 is second day for us (Teachers at Bina Insani Primary School Bogor for organizing try out for national test). We do tasks based on the job description we have accepted for weeks ago that main event organizer has made. In the second day for our tasks, we do kind of activities such as check the chairs and desks have made up on Friday, April 10th 2009. We know that without good cooperation from all friends especially team for getting successful for final national test later, we are nothing. But we believe, here, by having right job description, discipline, hard-work and always do happily seem nothing we have problems and have faced on at recent.
As long as we do the tasks according with good rules, we believe as much as problems we have. Minimum smaller and smaller problems we have got. As a coordinator for logistic department, Mr. Sumarsana (Islamic Teacher), reminded us what is the importance a cooperation among us especially team for final test. Besides, each other always share about things is happening. We busy in running the other tasks. We have done and make preparation for final national examination. Such as make chairs and desks up exactly yesterday. Now we already check and re-check some error in arranging their positions or add the chair or desk if have not willing. The other hand, we have put and stick pupils’ number on their desk up tidy. Sometimes, we get a little take rest because really tired. Then, after taking a short time in resting time, we go on next jobs.

Put name room on the window glasses by using glue for glasses where total is 8 rooms for pupils try out in preparation final national test, 1 room for first aids, 1 room for consumption room, and 1 room for observers in outside room, so the totals 11 rooms. We forget and really unconscious about running tasks until clock shows in 11.00 am in the morning. And based on information we get, today, there is a Saturday meeting which has information for all teachers in Sapa Pagi (Greeting Morning Time) for days ago by Principal, Mat Ali Karjam, S.Pd. SD. The meeting point is preparing for Monday try out test and others information school will telling in a meeting and the lead for meeting is Vice Principal for Curriculum, Ir. Fatchul Dzannah.

Back to activities we have running, we do and re-check equipment for pupils administration. Such as pencil, eraser, plastic board for helping letter test from a hole and usually put on their desks then check pupils’ identity card, put information and announcement around pupils activities on the wall who join in the test and usually the magazine helps them and all people need it. The other time, we think to put that information is around lobby in the school because it is a nice and right place take and give information in Bina Insani Primary School Bogor. Later, type and print out first and second observer and put to a board observer and keep on the observers’ desks is in front of classroom. Not finished until there, the organizer looking for and getting the table-clothes and now! We found it. Then put them is on the observers’ desks in the classroom too.

And as school announced to pupils for first until fifth grade, they still enjoy their vacation start Thursday, Apil 9th 2009 until Wednesday, 15th 2009. Because sixth grade for primary school have done. And we believe during test, everything be allright. Because of our nice and close communication each others wheter pupils for primary school especially grade six teachers, staffs room, office boy, security, picking up driver, Bina Insani’s school, Pupils’ parent and that’s right the organizer and government in supporting the try-out that will help pupils for next month, May to follow real final test for pupils in primary school exactly in the middle time. We hope this information help each others about information is around Bina Insani’s primary School especially primary school for Bina Insani Bogor. Good luck for Us! (Fahmi Awaludin).


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