Bintal on Thursday, 4 November 2010

The rain is raining today. The day which for pupils in sixth grade in elementary school Bina Insani Bogor really different. Why? Because they must join in Bintal program. Bintal is a short-name from Bimbingan Mental or we often call by Mentality Guidance.

Here they can share each other about information whether ago, present or for future. For this time they pupils must expressed their group by making art related to the name they have. Such as if they have a group of rooster, willy nilly they will make creation, looking for the information, getting the pics, and whatever them as long as has relation with rooster.

During the process of making creations there are many groups we can see easily about togetherness. For instance while a few pupils in a group seem busy, I see a boy just silent and does nothing namely Hasbi. He just say to me he has no job and silent. After that I give him advice to join in his group whether cut the pics, stick-out the pics or does take away the rubbish and put into the litter-bin. It is the weekly program which does after praying Dzuhur and for the place based on the situation. Sometimes in the second floor of Masjid Al-Ikhlas, in front of the Staff room office, in the field, or around sixth grade area.

For the keynote speaker is Mrs. Sumiarti and all teachers help her to arranged the pupils and make the situation better. Wish the best for us in catching the dream and education for future and Bintal is one of the programs sixth grade has. (Fahmi Awaludin)


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